Free Fire MAX Bunny Ring Event Leaked: Start date, Servers

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The much-anticipated Free Fire MAX Bunny Ring event leaks have come. The event could start soon on several servers, according to the data miners. Several well-known leakers, including @venom.ofc_ and @sawgaming_2.0, posted its posters to their Instagram accounts.

These notorious data miners reveal information about upcoming activities and content ahead of time. This therefore supports their claims that a new Luck Royale will be released soon.

Free Fire MAX Bunny Ring Event

A few hours ago, leaks for the coming Free Fire MAX Bunny Ring event were posted to Instagram. The leaked poster suggests that the upcoming Luck Royale will include merchandise with a bunny theme. You must use diamonds to make spins in order to draw random items; you cannot get the rewards for free.

According to reports, the event will begin on July 17, 2023, and run through July 30, 2023, on servers in India, Bangladesh, and Singapore.

According to the leaked poster, among other rewards, you may receive Bunny-themed items such as gun skins, a Gloo Wall, a backpack, and a loot box. The price of the spins may be the same as that of the current event iteration, i.e., 20 diamonds for 1 spin and 200 diamonds for ten+1 spins.

Along with obtaining the items to collect, you can also gather the necessary tokens in Free Fire MAX Bunny Ring to trade for the rewards of your choice. The fact that you might not be able to use the extra Universal Tokens to redeem the prizes, unlike the previous iterations, could put a damper on the festivities. Because of this, obtaining a specific reward does not have a set cost.

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