How To Turn On Commands In Minecraft?

As you know, Commands are one of the most important part of the Minecraft game and by default it is turned off, but for your comfort you can enable or disable it anytime you want. In this article I will be sharing the complete tutorial about How To Turn On Commands In Minecraft to use the advanced features of the game.

In the language of Minecraft commands are also known as cheats, but it is not any kind of cheating, it is just an advance option permitted by the game itself to take the full advantage of the game.

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How To Turn On Commands In Minecraft?

Step 1: Click ESC button to open Game menu > Tap on Open To LAN

Step 2: Tap on Allow Cheats: Off

This will turn on the option to write commands in the game

Step 3: Press T or / on keyboard to open Command typing box
Step 4: Start typing the command that you want to use

Step 5: The game will follow the instructions given in the form of command

There are hundreds of commands that you can use in Minecraft, but here are some of the most popular commands that you can use to control the game activities.

  • /gamemode creative
  • /gamemode spectator
  • /gamemode survival
  • /weather clear
  • /time set day

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Find and use the most useful Minecraft commands and control game activities, if you have any query or suggestions about the game please let me know about it or you have some special commands.

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