Call of Duty Stays on PlayStation; Deal Struck Between Sony and Microsoft!

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which had sought to thwart Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, was defeated last week in a U.S. court (although the FTC has not yet appealed the decision).

Though it wasn’t the outcome Sony had hoped for, it is clear that even the Japanese business, which had been attempting to block the deal for a while, has given up.

Call of Duty Stays on PlayStation
Call of Duty Stays on PlayStation

Microsoft and Sony have agreed to a deal that ensures Call of Duty games will be available on PlayStation consoles through the year 2033.

This is a crucial time because Sony cited the possibility that Microsoft might restrict access to the Call of Duty franchise on the PC and Xbox as a major objection to the acquisition.


Microsoft started presenting other businesses with deals like this, which ensure the launch of future installments on their platforms, in an effort to push through the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Nintendo and Nvidia had previously agreed to these (in this case, the accessibility of Call of Duty games through GeForce Now).

Sony previously voiced its concerns that, despite the fact that the Call of Duty games will be published on PlayStation consoles, Microsoft has plenty of room to make these versions less desirable by, for example, lowering the quality of these releases.

The Redmond behemoth declared at the time that it was prepared to create a separate oversight organization to guarantee that the content and quality of the Sony console variations were the same. Microsoft pledged that the games will also be included in the PS Plus membership at the time because it was thought that their inclusion in Game Pass might hurt the competition.

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