BGMI Cycle 4 Season 12 is now live, Check out the details

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The battle royale game Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Cycle 4 Season 12 is in its twelfth season. The current version will remain live until October 21, 2023. See below for further information about the Season.

BGMI Cycle 4 Season 12 is now live

The season also saw a number of changes to the game, including

  • A new system of matchmaking that seeks to pair players of like expertise.
  • a newly introduced ranking scheme that aims to boost competition.
  • a brand-new reporting mechanism that is intended to increase game safety for all players.

Over 100 million gamers participated in BGMI Cycle 4 Season 11, which was a fantastic season. The community welcomed the new additions, and the season was regarded as a significant improvement over earlier seasons.

Every tier has a separate set of benefits. The benefits get better as you move up the tiers. Gun skins, clothes, and other in-game stuff are among the awards. Players are dropped to a lower tier at the conclusion of each season of ranked competition. The tier that players are reset to is determined by their final season rank. Players are reset to Platinum I after they attain the Conqueror tier.

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