Why players should get KSHMR’s K

Hello freinds here in this article we are going to tell you the things and the reasons why the charcetr K was in demand in the free fire why the players buy and play with this charcetr which was the special thing in this charectre so freinds here in this article we are going to tell all the things about this charecter so lets strta the article and lets get more about this special charecter so l;ets start the atticle. players should get KSHMR’s K

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players should get KSHMR's K
players should get KSHMR’s K

Thing which attracts

Dual ability skillset : K has dual abilities in Free Fire, and his active ability is called Master of All. His ability allows him to increase the max EP by 50. His ability can be divided into two sets: Jiujitsu mode and Psychology mode. The two modes benefit players and their allies in different situations.

Escaping from the blue zone : If players take up inhalers and mushrooms during the game, then the blue zone should not be a worry. K already offers EPs and converts them to HPs. While inside the blue zone, there’s no need to worry about the HP loss. Players can move easily to the safe zone with the ability of K healing them constantly without much HP loss.

Rushing: K is an impressive character with extraordinary ability. He is a great character to use while rushing to opponents with a squad. As previously stated, K is an invincible source of healing.

Which is why it will be very difficult for players to knock him down and his allies when they rush together. The jiujitsu mode will come into play while the squad is rushing.

Providing an extra benefit to the players on the ground.


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