It can be combined optimally with healing characters in the game. The Maiden Beloved set is arguably the best healing artifact set in Genshin Impact. Where to find the Maiden Beloved set in Genshin Impact

Where to find the Maiden Beloved set in Genshin Impact

The Maiden Beloved set contains five assorted artifacts, all of which grant specific perks and benefits to the equipped character.

As well as the five artifacts included in the Maiden Beloved set of Genshin Impact, along with their perks and benefits are:

  • Maiden’s Distant Love – Grants bonus HP
  • The Maiden’s Passing Youth – Grants bonus HP, ATK damage, DEF stats, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery
  • Maiden’s Heart-stricken Infatuation – Grants bonus ATK damage
  • The Maiden’s Fleeting Leisure – Grants bonus HP, ATK damage, DEF stats, physical damage bonus, elemental damage bonus, and Elemental Mastery.
  • Maiden’s Fadin Beauty – Grants bonus HP, ATK damage, DEF stats, healing bonus, critical chance bonus, critical damage bonus, and Elemental Mastery

While considering all the benefits provided by the Maiden Beloved set to the equipped character in Genshin Impact, there are a few specific healers in the game who can benefit massively from this set.

These characters are:

  • Barbara
  • Qiqi
  • Diona

How to obtain 

The Domain of Blessing quests is located in the Valley of Remembrance at Dragonspine. Once the player has reached Adventure Rank 25.

Lastly, they will need to head into the Domain of Blessing quests and defeat the treasure hoarding enemies that spawn in the vicinity. While each part of the Maiden Beloved set is available.

As a treasure drop from enemies in the Domain of Blessing quests. Treasure hoarding enemies that spawn from level two till level four are most likely to drop parts of the Maiden Beloved Set. Having a healer in the lineup also helps as the enemies get stronger with each level. Lastly, to access the Valley of Remembrance and obtain the Maiden Beloved set from the Domain of Blessing quests in Genshin Impact, players must be at level 25 or have a higher Adventure Rank.


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