Ways to utilize Amber in Genshin Impact

This post was about Ways to utilize Amber in Genshin Impact, although Amber is the first character that can be unlocked in Genshin Impact, many players struggle to utilize her.

Ways to utilize Amber in Genshin Impact

Gliding Champion

In another scenario, they’ll glide and have 20% more stamina for running afterward. Amber’s passive is more relevant to players who haven’t increased their base stamina in Genshin Impact yet. In one scenario, they don’t have to wait as long to get from point A to point B. Decreasing gliding stamina costs by 20% isn’t a major passive, but it can save the player some time.


The main use that players have for Amber is her ability to solve various puzzles found in Genshin Impact. First, she can use Baron Bunny for pressure plate-related challenges. Given that the bunny can last for nearly 10 seconds, it’s often more than enough time to advance to the next step. Although her DPS and support options are terribly lacking, she is more than capable of solving several puzzles, thanks to her unique skill set in Genshin Impact. . This is mainly combined with her Pyro element, as some puzzles require the player to hit multiple Pyro totems in quick succession. Second, she can use her bow for puzzles at a distance


Amber can taunt enemies with Explosive Puppet. It can last for nearly 9 seconds, although it can be destroyed early by either Amber (with her 2nd constellation).

Or by the various enemies potentially attacking it. Although taunts are rather a niche in the current Genshin Impact metagame.

Amber is one of three units currently capable of taunting enemies. Considering the other two options are five-star units and the fact that Amber is an option given to all players, she’s often the only viable option players have.

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