Vital device in Among Us

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Among Us was one of the most famous game on PC in the month of November 2020. Vital device in Among Us

This was also boasts up more than 100 million of downloads on the Play store. We tell you that this was the trendiest game in the period of the lockdown; the players have give their love to the game by giving their time, and playing multiple crossovers.

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There are many different features in the game-play for the players.

Vital device in Among Us
Vital device in Among Us

And for both of the crewmates and the imposters also. The Vital device was now availabl3e in the Polus Map; this has been one of such utility tool which provides the game assistance to the players.

How to use the Vitals device in Among Us

This device can be found only in the Polus Map of the Among Us game:

Use of Vitals                  

The players have to find the vital device in the office of the game.

This is tool which was used to check the player’s vital status means this checks that who is alive, disconnected or dead. The players of the game-play will seem in the order in which they joined the lobby of the game.

The following colors and markers in Vitals indicate the status of every player in the game:

  • DEAD (colored Red): this color indicades that the player was killed by the opponent/imposter since the last meeting and was lying undetected.
  • OK (colored Green): This shows that the player was still alive and having in the game.
  • D/C (colored Gray): This indicates that the player has been dead in the game, the players game was over and they were not on the map.

Vital is really a very efficient tool which can be used in the game-play.

And take advantages with the help of it. . Crewmates in Among Us can cleverly use this device to catch the impostor/s in the game.

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