Vase of Flowers Location At Lazy Lake

Fortnite Week11 in Chapter2 Season7 is going successfully and here we have another legendary quest to collect a Vase of flowers from the Lazy Lake.

Completing this challenge is so easy all you have to do is to collect one vase of flowers and the quest is completed. But the problem comes when other players also spawn at the same location for completing the challenge so you have to be alert.

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Fortnite Vase Of Flowers Location

Vase of Flowers is located at Lazy Lake on the southeast side of the popular named location, which has a pool behind it. The exact location is marked on the below map.

Vase of Flowers Location At Lazy Lake

Don’t forget to get a weapon to combat with an opponent who is coming to collect the flower’s vase. Because there are many players who have to complete this mission.

This is how you can easily find the Vase of Flowers location in the Season7 map. If this article is useful to you in any way then don’t forget to leave a comment and share it with all those who want to complete this quest.

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