Valorant Home Screen Change (Complete Guide)

Homescreens are one of the most common things a player has to look at each and every day when he logs inside the game. After a certain period of time, it can be quite boring for a player to look at the same screen for the entire season. If you are one of those bored players who can’t wait for the end of each season to see a new Valorant Home Screen can now customize any Home Screen of their choice. This loophole was first found by a Valorant Reddit user who shared a small screenshot of his own customized screen. Now using this bypass method everyone can customize and apply their own Home Screen by following this guide.

Step by Step Instruction to Change the Valorant Home Screen


The Valorant Home Screen for each season is nothing but a video file in the.MP4 format. The valorant Reddit community has found a bypass to go around the system and replace this official. MP4 file with any other video files of our choice.

The following steps will help the players to change their current Home screen to anything of their choice

  1. Open Valorant and minimize the gam to the desktop
  2. Select the video of your choice and change it to the .MP4 Format if you have your video in any other format.
  3. After changing the format of your video ,Rename your chosen video file as”HomeScreen”.
  4. Now go to your Installed folder(Valorant Install folder) and follow this path Riot Games>VALORANT > live > ShooterGame >Content > Movies > Menu.
  5. Now Replace the original “HomeScreen” video with the selected video of your choice.
  6. Open the minimized Valorant game and click on “Play” button
  7. After the queue of the game begins ,cancel it immediately an return to the Home Screen .
  8. Tada… You have your new Home screen flashing before you.

Note: The file format of the Home Screen Should be only available in the .MP4 format. If your chosen File is in any other format change the video file into .MP4 using external software or click here to use an online video converter.

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Legality of changing your screen

Changing your Valorant Home Screen may or may not result in a ban of your riot account. People who have changed their Homescreen for fun have not yet faced any sort of ban yet but still, read the Riots terms and conditions before changing your Valorant Homescreen,

Note: In case of any account ban The Author nor is responsible for it. Change your Valorant Home Screen at your own risk.

Valorant Customized Home Screen Permanent or Temporary

The Customized Home Screen is only a Temporary filler and is not a permanent fixture. Once you log out of the game & restart again the connection with the Riot server will remove your Customized Home Screen and replace it with the original Valorant Home Screen. To again install your customized Home Screen please follow the above mentioned again.

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