Valorant Episode 7 Act 2: Battlepass Launch Schedule Revealed Alongside Exciting Agent Tweaks

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Fans of Riot’s tactical shooter can expect a number of exciting surprises as Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 approaches. The impending Battlepass rollout, which is expected to revolutionise the gaming experience, is one of the most anticipated upgrades. While the specifics of the Battlepass are still under wraps for the time being, let’s explore the global release schedules for various countries to make sure players are ready to start this new adventure.

You should put August 29 on your calendars because Valorant Episode 7 Act 2 will premiere on that day. To ensure that players can begin playing at the same moment, Riot Games meticulously disclosed the global launch times.

The next schedule is as follows:

At 10:00 PM local time, the update will be available to gamers in the United Kingdom and its surrounding areas.

Players in Singapore will awaken to the new update at 5:00 SGT, kicking off their day with a new wave of excitement.

Early birds in Korea will get the chance to get involved in the action when morning breaks at 06:00 KST.

For Latin American gamers, the evening arrives at 18:00 BRT, providing an exhilarating way to wrap out the day.

Players in the Eastern Time zone of the United States may expect the update at 5:00 PM, which is at 17:00 ET.
2:00 PM, Pacific Time (United States): The Pacific Time zone will enter the fray at 14:00 PT.
The update will be sent to Central Europe at 11:00 PM local time (23:00 CEST).

August 30 at 2:30 IST (India): Indian players should set their alarms on August 30 at dawn to access the new content.

Following the customary 2 to 4 hour server downtime, the Battlepass will be available when the game launches. Before starting the revamped Valorant experience, it’s the perfect time for players to get a snack and get some exercise.

Along with the hype surrounding the Battlepass, a sneak peek at patch 7.04 has been released, giving players a preview of the future changes. Riot Games is keeping quiet about the detailed patch notes but has hinted at changes to Agents, their skills, and core gameplay elements. The main objective is to improve the game’s strategic elements and overall balance in order to make it more engaging for all players.

Agent Changes After Update In Valorant

Jett, who is undergoing a huge revamp, is in the spotlight once more. Her Updraft charges are reduced to one, while her ultimate points are increased from seven to eight. Her Cloudburst’s length will noticeably decrease from 4.5 seconds to just 2.5 seconds, encouraging players to use their movements wisely.

VALORANT Episode 7 Act 2 Battle Pass: Skins

There will also be some gameplay changes for Astra and Skye. While the startup time for Astra’s Gravity Well has increased from 0.6 to 1.25 seconds, the startup time for her Nova Pulse has decreased from 1.25 to 1 second. In addition, Astra’s Cosmic Divide power now has the ability to muffle sound coming from the other side.

Skye’s skills are also changing as this is happening. The casting period of Her Guiding Light will be decreased from 2.5 seconds to a more effective 2 seconds. Her dependable Trailblazer will lose health, going from 100 to 80, and her Seekers will drop from 150 to 120. Skye’s Seekers ability will now cost 8 ultimate points to activate.

Riot Games is making strong efforts to improve the clarity despite the confusion on the Valorant battlefield. In the midst of all the frantic action, they are attempting to make the game more understandable for players by reducing the impact of massive area-of-effect Ultimates and modifying the health of shootable utilities. Players may anxiously anticipate a more balanced and interesting gameplay experience in Episode 7 Act 2 as the terrain of Valorant changes.

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