Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 Battlepass

Valorant battle pass has always had the same design as PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege. Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 Battlepass. In the next iteration of the battle pass, these new Prism III skins while it will be featured as tier drops for the players. Paid members to get drops up to a total of 50 tiers, and free members get drops every 5 tiers. There are drops for both paid and free members playing the game.

Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 Battlepass

In the upcoming battle pass, Riot will be giving off the following drops

While the items are :
Free Track:
• Prism III Classic Pistol skin with variants
• VERSUS // Bind Icebox card
• Good Boy, Bruno buddy
• Dumpster Fire Spray

Epilogue Items:

• As well as Super! spray
• Good Job, Paul! Spray

Paid Track:

• Prism III Axe melee with variants
• Cavalier Operator
• Cavalier Vandal
• VERSUS // Sova+Cypher card
• Make some noise spray

Prism III skins to be introduced in Valorant

Prism III skins that are to be introduced in Valorant are of the following weapons-
• Axe melee
• While Classic Pistol
• Odin
• Judge
While all these skins come with a total of four variants. When asked about the design inspirations behind these skins, Riot’s Valorant producer Preeti Khanolkar. The results of this move are yet to be seen until the patch drops on all the platforms on 2nd March. The colors are orange, green, blue, and bubblegum. With this move, Riot either wants to show their appreciation to the existing players, or they want to lure new players into the game. Even though the free Prism III Classic pistol skin with variants is a blessing for the free battle pass users, the real motive behind such a huge decision is yet to be revealed.

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