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Valorant: Best content creators to watch

The Valorant gamers would have to look into this post, as this article has contained the best information about the game-play. Agent abilities in Valorant have allowed content creators to take their creativity to the next level. Not only are broadcasters great to learn from, but they also exhibiting high-level gameplay. Although they may not be professionals, these guys play in Immortal and Radiant lobbies daily. content creators to watch

content creators to watch
content creators to watch


Flexinja is a Radiant-ranked Omen-main, who loves to outplay enemies at every turn. He is exceptional with the sheriff, often turning his team’s eco rounds into thrifty wins. He’s always got a trick up his sleeve for challenging situations. Because he plays Omen pretty much every single game.

Flexinja has been able to master the ins-and-outs of the Agent’s abilities to perfection. Despite competing against the highest-ranked players in Valorant, Flexinja is still able to pull off jaw-dropping plays. Even professionals have been astonished by Flexinja’s big-brain plays. Flexinja doesn’t only upload his highlights, though. In his Youtube videos, he isn’t scared to show some of his outplay attempts that have failed miserably. But that’s what makes him a great content creator. Through the highlights and lowlights, Flexinja shows how fun Valorant can be.

Average Jonas

This guy has an arrow for everything. He has put in the hours in custom games to find the best arrows on every map. His long hours have certainly paid off, as he’s been able to clutch more rounds than anyone can count. There’s a new trick to learn every time Average Jonas uploads or streams. No bomb-defusal attempt goes unchecked when Jonas is logged on. His Shock Darts are shot to perfection, killing anyone who dares to try. With his ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, Jonas has reigned supreme in one-versus-one scenarios.



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