Valheim: Quickest ways to find Stone

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A stone is one of the important and most valuable resources in the game-play of Valheim, the players try so hard to get the stone. In this post, we are going to tell you about the Valheim: Quickest ways to find Stone in the game-play.

Valheim: Quickest ways to find Stone

How to harvest the stone

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Harvesting was one of the best things with the help of which the stones can be founded easily. Players can find massive chunks of stones lying all over the map of Valheim.

Especially in the meadows and the forest biomes. There are various kinds of pickaxes available in Valheim to choose from.

However, the Antler Pickaxe is usually the first one that a player can craft in-game. However, these chunks cannot be broken or harvested unless the player has a pickaxe equipped. The Antler Pickaxe requires 10 pieces of wood and one piece of hard antler to craft. Additionally, players also need to ensure that their workbench is upgraded to level two in order to craft the antler pickaxe in Valheim. Players can obtain the hard antler after defeating the first boss in Valheim, Eikthyr.

Once the player has managed to craft the antler pickaxe, they will be able to harvest chunks of stones to generate resources. Nevertheless, harvested stones in Valheim can be further used to craft the stone axe, an extremely essential tool for harvesting regular wood as well as core wood in Valheim. The stones are used in the construction of various types of structures in the game.  

These structures include:

  • Stonecutter
  • Hearth
  • Smelter
  • Charcoal kiln
  • Stone piles
  • Stone floors

With the help of these crafting and harvesting machines in the game of Valheim, the players can achieve a lot of stones. As a result of this harvesting, there are more than four million players within the first month of its release in early access.

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