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Valheim: How to tame and breed Boars

This article provides a detailed explanation on how players can find and tame wild boars in Valheim. Valheim allows players to tame and breed wild animals such as Boars, Wolves, and Lox, to use as pets, farm animals, or as fighting companions. Tamed boars can be further used to breed, in order to create more resources. Taming a wild boar in Valheim is an extensive process that will require a fair amount of patience. Players can find wild boars running around in the meadows of Valheim. Valheim: How to tame and breed Boars

Valheim: How to tame and breed Boars

Taming and Breeding a boar

Steps involved in taming a wild boar in Valheim require the player to accumulate a fair amount of food, which is to be used to gain the boar’s trust. The specific food items that can be used to gain a boar’s trust quickly are:

  • Berries
  • Mushrooms; and
  • Carrots.

Here are the steps that a player needs to follow in order to tame a wild boar in Valheim:

  • The player will need to attract the boar’s attention to get started with the process.
  • Once the boar starts chasing the player aggressively, the player will need to trick the boar inside a fenced compound or a cage.
  • Once the boar is trapped inside the vicinity, players will need to toss aforementioned food items to the boar.
  • After tossing multiple food items, the boar’s status will show an “acclimatizing” percentage bar. Once the status reaches 100%, the boar will start showing the “tame” status.

Following these steps will allow players to successfully tame wild boars in Valheim. Multiple boars with “happy” status in the vicinity will result in the tamed animals eventually breeding and giving birth to their offspring. For players who are looking to breed boars, they will need to successfully tame multiple boars and keep them inside a fenced compound. This is an extremely efficient way of increasing the number of tamed boars present in the player’s camp.



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