Valheim: How to get stone quickly

The game-play allows players to craft a stone axe, which is an essential in-game item. Stones are one of the most important resources in Valheim. To build the antler pickaxe, players will need to perform two tasks. In order to harvest and collect stones in Valheim, it is extremely important for players to have an antler pickaxe equipped. Valheim: How to get stone quickly

Valheim: How to get stone quickly
  • Players will need to defeat Eikthyr, the first boss in Valheim, to collect the hard antler.
  • Players will need to upgrade their in-game workbench to level two.

Once players have performed both tasks, they can craft the antler pickaxe on their workbench. To craft the antler pickaxe in Valheim, players need:

  • One piece of hard antler (obtained from Eikthyr).
  • 10 pieces of wood.

To harvest stones in Valheim:

  • Be lucky enough to receive pieces of stone after defeating Greydwarf enemies.
  • Players will have to destroy chunks of stones that can be found across the Viking-themed realm.

Greydwarf creatures don’t start spawning till players have slain Eikthyr, the first boss in Valheim. Players can receive 10 pieces of stone every time they slay a Greydwarf creature. Once players have defeated the first boss in Valheim, they can farm stones by defeating Greydwarf creatures in the Black Forest biome. The antler pickaxe will allow players to attack and break stones that can be found across the map of Valheim. Combining these methods will allow players to farm stone resources very quickly in Valheim. The antler pickaxe that players craft to farm stones can be further upgraded into a bronze pickaxe to harvest iron ores in Valheim. Stones are extremely important resources for crafting the stone axe. The stone axe allows players to chop down Beech, Fir, and Pine trees to harvest core wood in Valheim.


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