Valheim: How to get Fine Wood

If you are a player of Valheim, then you have given a look at this post. Fine Wood is an extremely important crafting resource that is required in building multiple in-game furniture and tools. Valheim: How to get Fine Wood


Fine Wood in Valheim

There are three methods for players to obtain Fine Wood. These methods include:

  • Players who do not have a bronze axe in their inventory can deal damage to the respective trees by rolling logs into them. Additionally, players can also try to knock Trolls against these trees for a slow yet steady income of Fine Wood.
  • The Players can collect Fine Wood from the wrecked ships which can be found near the coast of the Black Forest Biomes. This method does not require players to have any specific tool or equipment with them.
  • Players can chop down Birch and Oak trees found in the Meadows to collect Fine Wood. However, players will need a bronze axe to chop down these specific trees.

These are the methods that players can use to quickly farm Fine Wood to create whichever tool they require.

Fine Wood can be used in Valheim to construct a variety of items or tools. These items and tools include:

  • Finewood Bows
  • Benches
  • Stools
  • Black banners
  • Longships
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Tankards
  • Wards
  • White and red striped banners

After a massive surge in Valheim’s player count within the first two weeks of the game’s release, it seems safe to say that Valheim could be around for a while. This guide should help players in collecting and properly utilizing Fine Wood in Valheim. Additionally, the developers proving their dedication towards the game with two early updates within the first week, is the cherry on top for Valheim fans.

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