Valheim: How to craft Wolf Armor and explore the mountains

Crafting Wolf Armor in Valheim requires patience and a fair bit of resource farming. While the Wolf Armor has three distinct parts that need to be prepared individually. Valheim: How to craft Wolf Armor

Valheim: How to craft Wolf Armor

They are

  • Wolf Armor Chest
  • The Wolf Armor Legs
  • Wolf Armor Fur Cape

However, players can still freeze from the cold if their Armor comes in contact with fluids and remains wet. Having all three parts of the Wolf Armor ensures that the player’s character.

Do not freeze to death in the cold regions of Valheim.  To construct all three parts of the Wolf Armor, players will need to accumulate a few resources in Valheim. In addition, Wolf Armor also grants protection against damage from enemies and trolls. They include:

  • 16 Wolf Pelts – Can be found by hunting wild wolves
  • 1 Chain – Can be found in the form of loot from Sunken Crypts’ chests or can be found by defeating Wraiths.
  • 44 pieces of Silver – Can either be found by mining with an iron pickaxe or using Magic Wishbone from the Swamp biome boss, Bonemass.
  • 1 Wolf Trophy – Collected from the carcass of a dead wolf in Valheim.
  • 4 Wolf Fangs – Can be found by hunting wild wolves;

While having collected everything, players head over to their upgraded-forge to begin constructing the Wolf Armor. However, it is also recommended to build all three parts of the Wolf Armor.

As it grants an additional 20 Armor stats for protection. As well as players are advised to build the Wolf Armor Fur Cape first as it is the armor’s central part.

Keeping players from succumbing to the freezing climate. However, with the game being in its second week of early access.

It remains to seen how developers create continuity for the community.


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