Valheim F5 not working: How to fix F5 console error

The Valheim players would give a look at this post; this was regarding Valheim F5 not working: How to fix F5 console error. As the developers of the game at the Iron Gate Studios recently released update 0.148.6 for Valheim, which has disabled several players from accessing the in-game F5 console.

Valheim F5 not working: How to fix F5 console error

In order to activate the in-game console for Valheim after update 0.148.6, players will need to set the console command under Steam’s launch options. This can be done using a series of extremely simple steps.

  • Player’s should open their Steam Library and right-click on Valheim from the list of games.
  • Next, they must click on “Properties” from the right-click menu that has appeared.
  • After this, players will see a pop-up box on their screens. They must select the “General” tab to find the “Launch Options.”
  • Players can find the Launch Options text box at the bottom of the General tab. They must type “-console” in the Launch Options’ text box without using the quotes.
  • After this, players can simply launch Valheim. Once the game launches, they must enter any specific world that they want to and then press F5.
  • Pressing F5 will result in the console window popping up just like it used to do before the new update was released.

Players can easily activate the in-game console for Valheim after update 0.148.6 by following the series of fairly simple steps. This will allow players to enjoy the full functionality of the console as well as the developer mode in Valheim. Additionally, for players who wish to enter developer mode, they will need to type “devcommands” in the console without the quotes.

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