Update Pubg Mobile Lite- Download Apk + Obb How to Buy Uc

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Pubg Mobile Lite has just landed a new update and it is has bring lot of new things. Because of the Ban from Govt. Of India you cannot play this game or Update it. But don’t worry we have your back you can follow us and download the update. Also we have given full patch notes for the new Update.

Pubg Mobile lite is bringing new content containing Ruins, Varenga ruins, caves, cable car, and few more things. Also you can follow our Blog step by step to update the game. All steps are given below just scroll down.

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What’s New in Update Pubg Mobile Lite ?

As always, before the release of any PUBG Mobile Lite update, the leakers and data miners reveal the list of upcoming content in the game. For the 0.19.0 update, a bunch of leaks have already surfaced online, and from them, one can say that the next update is going to be extraordinary for the community

#1 Victor character

Victor was the first unique character to be launched in PUBG Mobile. As per speculations, the character can be claimed for free in PUBG Mobile Lite and will be made available under the workshop. His unique ability is to reduce SMG reload time by up to 10% upon reaching Level 9. Moreover, players can also use distinctive voice commands while using it.

#2 Miramar map

The much-awaited Miramar map is also expected to roll out with the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0 update. For now, only a single classic Varenga map is available in the game. Tencent might expand the list of available maps in the game and introduce Miramar along with the upcoming update.

#3 Training mode

The training or practice section is a necessary part of any shooting game. It not only enhances your aiming skills but also helps strengthen gun handling. At present, PUBG Mobile Lite doesn’t have any training mode where players can sharpen their aim. But in the 0.19.0 update, a new training mode will be added, where they can try out any gun with infinite ammo.

Added Varenga: Ruins

  • New landscape in Varenga
  • Vaulting action

TDM Ruins is online!

  • Unique urban area design
  • Sliding action
  • New SMG: P90

First anniversary

  • New icons and background
  • Spawn Island fireworks

Winner pass update

  • Vouchers and exclusive sales
  • Gifts and gift request feature

System update

  • Space gifts
  • Better lobby air drops

There is a ton of other features and fixes with this update, which will soon be introduced with the latest update.

Update Pubg Mobile Lite announcement

We are releasing a new update and we would to inform you that the servers will not be taken offline for maintenance during this time. The update is scheduled for maintenance from 1:00 to 8:00 on 21 July (UTC +0). The actual time servers come back online may be earlier or later depending on the situation. Please plan accordingly and find a stable network connection to download the new version. Players who already have the game installed will need 330 MB of free space but will not need to download the game again. After maintenance is complete, the new version will be available on app stores starting 22 July.

The 0.18.0 update for PUBG Mobile Lite will be rolled out gradually for everyone, and players can update the game by following this link

The PUBG Mobile Lite 0.18.0 update brings a revamped version of the Northwest side of the Varenga map. There are new ruins in the map that have finally made their way to the game after several Easter eggs. The tunnels in the Southern mountain range have even got an explorable hall inside the mountains. The new weapons added with the 0.18.0 update in PUBG Mobile Lite is the P90 sub-machine gun and the MP5 K sub-machine gun. The P90 is exclusive to the Arena game mode, while the MP5 K is part of the Classic mode. Arena mode also gets integrated vault features, sliding control, and a grenade indicator.

As the game celebrates its first anniversary, the in-game lobby backgrounds, spawn Island, and device icon has been updated accordingly. The Regular Mission System has been change into, and players will be able to test their Popularity rankings in their stats.

Step by Step How to Update PUBG Mobile Lite

  • Select the ‘Install Tap Tap‘ option
  • Tap to download button.
  • Open the Tap-Tap application
  • Find for PUBG Mobile Lite in the search menu
  • Click and install
  • Then open

How To Buy UC Pubg Mobile After Ban In India

Pubg mobile is under ban for 3 days but still you can buy royale pass or Uc from this Trick. As you know due Indian Government pubg mobile is under Ban. Similarly, you can’t really buy any Uc or Royale Pass through official methods. But we have a trick that can help you to buy Uc or Royale pass in pubg Mobile. Due to the ban which is currently up in India.

Currently we have 2 Methods that you can use to buy Uc or Royale Pass 100% Guarantee. Actually this 2 Methods are little hard so A Step by Step Guide is available below. Basically you just have to follow these steps carefully and not skip any step. If you skip any Step it will not help you but in turn do something else. Read more..

Two Methods to Buy Uc in Pubg Mobile

You can use Method you want we’re going to write both methods step by step. Both Methods are 100% Guarantee. Because I have used this methods and both work good no problem in using them. First Method is Using Razer Gold pay and other is using Seagm website or app. Thus on Both options you can use PayTm, PhonePe, PayPal, MasterCard or UPI. Also, they are Safe to use and trusted by everyone.

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