Update 1.3 of PUBG Mobile release date and Update size was revealed

hello, friends here in this article we are going to tell about the new update of the PUBG Mobile. this update has so many things that were changed so let us start the article and let us get to know about these updates. Update 1.3 of PUBG Mobile

Update 1.3 of PUBG Mobile

Release date

PUBG Mobile 1.3 update will start rolling out from 9 March 2021. Players can likely download the update directly from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store once it goes live on their respective stores. Users will be able to enjoy features as soon as they update them since the game’s server will not be taken down for maintenance.


The size of the upcoming PUBG Mobile update has been revealed in the patch notes. The patch will require 640 MB of storage space on Android devices; meanwhile, the iOS version will need 1.55 GB of storage. Players must note that the older version will support match matching with the latest version, i.e., they will still be able to pair up with users on the newest iteration. Nevertheless, there are specific rewards for doing so between 9 March and 14 March. They will receive the following items:

  1. 3,000 BP
  2. 100 AG
  3. Cute Kitten – Pan (3d)

New PUBG Mobile 1.3 update patch notes Some of the crucial aspects of this update are:

  • New Firearm: Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle
  • The New Vehicle – Motor Glider
  • Clowns’ Tricks Gameplay (From March 31)
  • Hundred Rhythms Mode (From March 9)
  • Various performance and system improvements
  • New Cheer Park Theme: Anniversary Celebration Music Festival
  • Melee Weapon Display Feature
  • All-Talent Championship



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