Unveiling the Gaming Habits of Indian Gamers: Lenovo and TEC Survey Reveals Fascinating Insights 2023

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Gaming in India has undergone remarkable growth in recent years, driven by factors such as the rise of streamers, increased accessibility for players, higher participation in esports, and more. As gaming enthusiasts across the country embrace the digital realm, Lenovo and The Esports Club (TEC) conducted an extensive survey to shed light on the average gaming habits of Indian gamers. The survey, spread across more than 70 cities and comprising a sample size of over 18,000 respondents, aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of habits, preferences, and behaviors in the Indian gaming community.

The Young and Enthusiastic Gamer Base:

The preliminary findings of the survey revealed that an overwhelming 89% of Indian gamers are under the age of 24. This significant youth presence reflects the burgeoning interest in gaming among the younger generations. It is evident that gaming has become an integral part of the lives of the country’s youth.

Gaming Habits

Diverse Occupations and Family Backgrounds:

Among the gaming population, the majority (71%) are students, while 15% are employed, 8% are self-employed, and 6% are unemployed. These statistics illustrate how gaming has attracted individuals from various walks of life.

In terms of family background, 80% of Indian gamers reside in owned homes, while the remaining 20% live in rented accommodations. As for car ownership, 58% of gamers do not own cars, 31% have at least one car, and 11% possess two or more cars. These findings provide insights into the socioeconomic background of Indian gamers.

Parental Approval and Support:

Perhaps surprisingly, 66% of Indian gamers enjoy parental approval and support for their gaming endeavors. This showcases a progressive shift in the mindset of parents, who now recognize the potential of gaming as a legitimate career option or a serious hobby.

Gamer Categories and Social Media Presence:

The survey classified gamers into several categories based on their gaming preferences. 60% of respondents identified as casual esports gamers, while 14% considered themselves casual gamers. 13% fell into the pro esports category, and 9% identified as AAA gamers, indicating a highly competitive segment. Lastly, 4% classified themselves as Hyper Casual Gamers.

On the social media front, a staggering 99% of Indian gamers have a presence on Instagram, followed by 53% on Snapchat, 38% on Facebook, 26% on Twitter, 18% on LinkedIn, and 8% on other platforms. Social media has become an integral tool for gamers to connect, engage, and showcase their gaming prowess.

Average Game Time and Gaming Frequency:

The survey shed light on the gaming habits in terms of time spent on gaming. While 18% of respondents gamed for less than an hour, the majority (54%) played for 1-3 hours. An impressive 28% devoted more than 3 hours to gaming. This indicates that gaming has become an essential part of the daily routine for many Indian players.

When it comes to gaming frequency, 64% of respondents gamed on a daily basis, while 24% indulged in gaming several times a week. 5% of gamers played once a week or several times a month, and 4% gamed once a month or less. These statistics reflect the dedication and passion of Indian gamers towards their favorite pastime.

Preferred Gaming Locations:

Notably, the comfort of home remains the most popular gaming location, with 94% of gamers preferring to play in the familiar surroundings of their houses. 22% of respondents enjoyed gaming at a friend’s place, while 12% opted for gaming at colleges or dormitories. 10% of Indian gamers favored local gaming cafes, and 6% played games at their workplace.

Lenovo and TEC’s comprehensive survey has provided valuable insights into the gaming habits of Indian gamers, showcasing the immense popularity and widespread acceptance of gaming in the country. With an ever-growing community of dedicated gamers, the future of esports in India seems promising. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, understanding player preferences and behaviors will play a vital role in shaping the gaming industry in the years to come.

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