Unlock a nuclear bomb in COD

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nuclear bomb in COD
nuclear bomb in COD

whole guide to unlock a nuclear bomb in COD

There are two prerequisites to acquire a nuclear bomb in a game. First off, the player needs to have an XP level of 20 or above in COD Mobile, which is not hard. Second, the player must have a 20-kill streak to use the option of the nukes in a multiplayer map.

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Here are some steps to follow to get hold of nukes very easily on a multiplayer map in COD Mobile:

  • Users have to run COD Mobile on their devices.
  • They can go to the multiplayer mode and select any of the random core maps available.
  • They can then head to the loadout section and opt for the most lethal and viable weapon in the armory.
  • It is recommended that users opt for an SMG (PDW-57) or high-tier guns.They can attach suitable equipment and optics in the loadout and equip perks like Agile, Vulture, and Hardline.Players can then tap on the start option and begin the gameAfter the player accomplishes the 20-kill streak in the game, an option will pop up in the middle of the screen: Use Nuclear Bomb.
  • They can tap on it to use the nuke bombs and destroy opponents.

It is very grueling and strenuous to get hold of the nuke feature in COD Mobile. Hence, players should stay low-key and acquire a safe gameplay strategy to obtain 20 consecutive kills without dying.

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