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Battle Royale is one of the most widely played game genres on mobile devices in India. The buzz around games like BGMI, Apex Legends Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile amply demonstrates this.

Such games provide players greater incentives to play the game frequently by updating their material each season. Also, the gameplay is typically pretty solid. Although there is fierce competition in India for this market, a battle royale game developed there has been building some buzz.

In this article, we will tell you about Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) Game Full Overview. If you are unfamiliar with the game, this article will provide you with all the information you need.


What is Underworld Gang Wars (UGW)?

Underworld Gang Wars is a battle royale game that will be based in Indian cities and made in India, as was previously mentioned. It is being developed by Bengaluru-based Mayhem Studios. Additionally, they claimed that it will be the first AAA-caliber game made in India for Indian smartphone users.

Indian maps including Ghat, Racetrack, and Mandi are included in the game, which is available for free to play. Also, Indian cars like the Jeep and the Classic 350 will be included in the maps and can be used to get to attractions. You can establish squads with other players, just as in the majority of other battle royale games. This can be a solo run, a two-person, or a four-person squad game. We also anticipate seeing some traditional weapons shown.

Underworld Gang Wars Story

The story of the game has not yet been made public. Yet, it depicts a conflict between two rival gangs over Dhantara Island. The island is split in half by a river with name Maya. Players will presumably compete with one another to control the river and certain portions of the island.

Gamers can select their gang allegiance and compete with the other gang for dominance. The “Don of the Period” will be the player with the most kills and noteworthy stats in the game. Let’s now examine one of the gang leaders, Boris, the Velvets’ leader!

2 chharaacter

Trailer for Underworld Gang Wars

The creators have a cinematic trailer available if you haven’t played the game yet. On May 22, 2022, the trailer was made available. The initial glimpse, via a movie trailer, provided a sneak peek of the rivalry between Tyagi, the rural gangster sporting a simple shirt and Lungi and wielding a hammer, and Boris, the urbane and smart gang leader holding an assault rifle.

UWG Release date in India

The release date for the game is yet unknown. Yet, Android cellphones can pre-register for the game. The game’s precise release date has not yet been determined. Nevertheless, we may anticipate the game’s release later this year.

Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) Pre-registration

More than 2 million people have pre-registered for Underworld Gang Wars (UGW), the first AAA game from India, in less than two weeks.

The Indian gaming community has responded incredibly well to the Battle Royale game, with the game’s cinematic trailer and backstory film accumulating an astounding 70 million views across all platforms.

AppUnderworld Gang Wars (UGW)
GenreAction (Battle Royale)
Made For Battle Royal Game Lovers
SizeNot Yet Known
Other SourcesPlay Store, Apple Store
Expected Release DateEnd of 2024

If you want to register yourself for the game, then follow the instructions given below:

“We are incredibly delighted to break the 2 million pre-registration threshold in less than two weeks,” Mayhem Studios CEO Ojas Vipat remarked. “We are all set to provide millions of gamers with a unique experience and the most relatable story in an AAA game. We are really grateful for all the national love and support for UGW.”

UGW Benefits of Pre-registration

For your enthusiasm, the game will thankfully give you something in return. After the game’s launch, pre-registration ensures certain benefits. The following benefits are yours if you pre-registered for the game and play it after it launches:

Hammer Skin Hunter Green Star Scrambler Retro Don Skin Mulberry Gun Skin Suit of Savage Skin
These prizes are accessible through the game’s lobby.


UGW System Requirements

The game’s precise system requirements haven’t yet been revealed. We do know exactly what you’ll need to run the game at its lowest settings, though.

  1. 2GB of Memory and 2GB of storage
  2. Steady internet connection
  3. We expect the game to stretch the capabilities of smartphone hardware significantly.

Yet, the game’s optimization should be excellent given the wide variety of Android smartphones available in India.

Platforms For Availability Of This Game

Only Android smartphones can presently access the game. Regrettably, the developers have not provided any information on a prospective iOS version.

But, there is a good chance that the game will be made available on iOS devices, as the publishers would want to capitalize on the growing iPhone market in the country.



In this article, we discussed the Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) Game Full Overview. UGW appears to be a good bet, whereas previous Indian-made battle royale games, like FAU-G, have fallen short of expectations.

Indus is a different battle royale game that is currently in development. Every smartphone developer seems to be attempting to capitalize on the battle royale craze now sweeping the nation.


How to download Underworld gang wars?

The game isn’t available now, but when it gets launched it will be available on Android and IOS devices, probably.

What is the size of the underworld gang war?

Since this game is 2 GB in size, your mobile device should have 2 GB of RAM accessible.

Who is the UGW game’s creator?

The Battle Royale video game “Underworld Gang Wars” (UGW), developed by Mayhem Studios, has been released. The game claims to offer an engaging scenario with some unique characters inspired by stories of India, with both the characters and the plot having roots in India.

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