Trained Pokemon by Ash Ketchum

The Pokemon players would surely want to know about this, in this post we are going to tell you guys about the Trained Pokemon by Ash Ketchum

Trained Pokemon by Ash Ketchum


Charizard became Ash’s fifth-ever Pokemon, back when it joined his team as a Charmander. Thankfully Charmander was given an opportunity to be trained by Ash instead.

Because it ultimately became one of the most popular Pokemon in franchise history. Although it may have had some listening issues when it first evolved into a Charizard. In its first evolution it had an abusive trainer named Damian who abandoned it. The Pokemon eventually came to terms with Ash and the two have since won many fantastic battles.


Pikachu has come through time after time for its trainer, both in terms of defeating Pokemon far stronger than it and being a friend that Ash can always rely on. In terms of overall skill, usefulness to Ash Ketchum.

And the role it plays in the anime – Pikachu is by far the best Pokemon Ash has ever trained.


Throughout its evolution, Sceptile has assisted Ash in winning gym badges. Raised by Ash since he caught it as a Treecko in the Hoenn region.

Sceptile is the fifth-best Pokemon he has ever trained. One of its most noteworthy accomplishments in the anime is when it defeats the Legendary Pokemon Darkrai during the Lily of the Valley Conference.


In addition, it also has one of the highest win rates out of all Ash’s Pokemon. Ash’s Greninja was the first Pokemon he caught in the Kalos region, though it more-so joined his team of its own accord as a Froakie. This form of Greninja can rival the power of Mega-evolved Pokemon and is only able to be used because of how close it is with its trainer.

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