Top Minecraft servers for Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition has also been supported and can be downloaded on the smartphone by the Goggle Play Store. There were a huge number of players who play the mode of the games and the Minecrafters stay engrossed in their favorite blocky universe even while on the go. Top Minecraft servers for Android

Top Minecraft servers for Android
Top Minecraft servers for Android

There would be thousands of players were available who download this game on their android devices, with the version seeing this much success.

Several servers have popped up (all joinable with an Android device, of course).

This post is all about exploring all such servers with the best gameplay features, unique design, and overall fun factor.

NetherGames IP:

NetherGames was a huge server of Minecraft Pocket Edition and can be joined with a smartphone. 

There would be thousands of players are be at the time of peaks.

And along with this they were ensuring that there will always be others to play with.

NetherGames has proven time and time again to be a server of top quality and innovation, with a full-time dedicated team of developers and builders.

Most popular game modes which were proven hits with players include bedwars, creative, duels, murder mystery, and skywars.

ECPE Network IP:

ECPE was a basic factions-focused Minecraft Pocket Edition server.

As this was a heavy PvP element and was also regarded commonly as the best Minecraft PE factions’ server by the community of the players.

While ECPE has earns its greatness and popularity through its arsenal of custom features.

Including daily king-of-the-hill events, boss events.

Mineplex IP:

Mineplex pocket edition was the biggest Minecraft Pocket Edition server.

As well as this was easily connected by the players to any Android device.

On this server, players can play the same minigames they love from the regular Java version on their phones.


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