Top items that have been renamed in Minecraft

The Minecraft player would have to give a look at this post, in this article we are going to give information about the Top items that have been renamed in Minecraft. A lot of the items’ names were changed during betas. Beta testers were able to see the name changes before anyone else.

Top items that have been renamed in Minecraft


Wool is an item that is dropped from sheep in Minecraft, and players can use it to create things such as beds, banners, and more. Before the name was changed in the beta 1.0 version of Minecraft, wool used to be referred to as cloth.

Dark Oak Logs

Before being updated, dark oak logs were named “roofed oak logs” since they are only found inside of the foot forest biome. Dark oak wood logs were added to Minecraft in the 1.7.2 update.

Crafting Table

It used to be referred to as “The Workbench” until the name was changed in the 1.2 beta. The crafting table is definitely the most used item in the Minecraft world. Players use the crafting table to craft swords, pickaxes and pretty much everything that they need in the Minecraft world.


It is used to build fireplaces or a large torch. Netherrack is a pretty common block in Minecraft since it makes up most of the nether. It was also referred to as Netherstone before it was finally named Netherrack after the alpha version of Minecraft. Netherrack used to be called Bloodstone, but that is not the only name that it had before.

Gun powder

The name for gunpowder was changed in the 1.3 beta version of Minecraft. Gunpowder is an item that is dropped by creepers in Minecraft. Gunpowder was originally called “sulfur” and was able to be dropped by any mob. While they are used by players as an ingredient for TNT.

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