Garena free fire has a number of featured of Top guns in Free Fire Game, here are the top guns in free fire game.

The best Assault Rifles in Garena


M4A1 is the most exciting and popular weapon in the Fire Free Game. Its features were, it has a range of 77, and it was very impressive for an Assault Rifle. This was in the list of first two weapons which the players preferred, but the major disadvantage of the M4A1 was that it has a low fire rate, that’s why this gun is not for you if you just enter in the game as a beginner. 

Top guns in Free Fire Game
Top guns in Free Fire Game


The Groza was really the best assault rifle that anyone has in the game of COD. This gun deals with a solid number of damage and also offers a high rate of fire with very low recoil, these features made this weapon so lovable. This gun has a time of reload, but it would be easily fixed if you are using this gun for the operating in the game. But you cannot found this gun easily, as the player only acquires this in the air-drops.


This gun was the most destructive gun in this game of COD. The AK47 is always the first choice of the players because of the high damages that this gun should give. But unfortunately this gun has also the features of very high recoil and this should be a very huge drawback for most of the gamers. That’s why it was advised to you that having a pair of it with a good set of L3 attachments.


It was the next powerful gun in the game it deals with a decent amount of damage and also offers a good range to you. The fire rate of the gun was 67; this also makes this gun a good choice for the players as a riffle.

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