Top actionable tips in Valheim for the players

If you are a Valheim player, then you have to give a look at this article. As this article was about Top actionable tips in Valheim for the players

Top actionable tips in Valheim for the players

Harvesting stone requires a pickaxe

To craft the antler pickaxe, players will need the hard antler that can only be obtained by defeating Eikthyr, the first boss in Valheim. To harvest stone, players will need to craft a pickaxe. It’s extremely important for new players to note that the first pickaxe they can craft in Valheim is the antler pickaxe. Although Eikthyr’s attacks can be easily blocked and dodged, engaging in a battle near the player’s base can result in the giant stag destroying the entire vicinity.

Weapons and tools wear off and need to be repaired after using

Fortunately, repairing weapons and tools does not require any additional resources in Valheim. Weapons and tools in Valheim will slowly wear off as the player keeps using them without repair. Given that repairing has no extra cost in Valheim.

Players are advised to always keep their weapons and tools in pristine condition. All players need to do is take their weapons and tools to a functioning workbench and select the item to repair.

Workbench can be upgraded by crafting a chopping block and tanning rack

According to the mechanics of Valheim, while existing structures can be upgraded by constructing additional structures. These structures merely upgrade the workbench to level two and level three. Despite what the names of these additional structures might suggest, they cannot be used for those purposes. The chopping block doesn’t serve as a wood-chopping device.

Nor does the tanning rack serve the purpose of tanning leather in Valheim. Instead of adding visual upgrades to the existing structure, players will actually be adding a new structure altogether.

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