Top Abilities in Pokemon

This post was regarding the Top Abilities in Pokemon, as the players of Pokemon wants to know about it. Pokemon Abilities can be the difference betweening dominating in battle and being dominated.

Top Abilities in Pokemon

Mirror Armor

This could be very useful against an opponent with Intimidate or the use of Dynamax moves. Mirror Armor is the signature Ability of Corviknight. That means Corviknight does not suffer from lower stats, but the Pokemon who intended on lowering its stats certainly does. Mirror Armors takes any stat lowering effects, from moves or Abilities, and reflects it back at the opposing Pokemon.


There are a lot of Pokemon that can have this Ability as well. Intimidate is, well, an intimidating Ability. When a Pokemon with Intimidate enters battle, opposing Pokemon has their Attack stat lowered. This can be extremely frustrating to teams with Physical attackers, especially if the Intimidate user is able to switch out and in, more than once, lowering the Attack stage each time.


The Prankster Pokemon can put up screens, use Tailwind, and a variety of other status moves to give their team the advantage early on. Prankster is incredibly useful in battle. This Ability allows a Pokemon to use their status moves first. It is the perfect Ability to set up with. Dark-types are immune to being targeted by a move given priority by Prankster, however.

Storm Drain

Storm Drain can go overlooked, but it is one of the best Abilities in all of Pokemon. The user absorbs the move, takes no damage, and gains a boost in Special Attack. There are some moves and Abilities that can bypass Storm Drain, but it is rare. What Storm Drain does it redirect all single targets Water-type moves? Switching to a Pokemon with Storm Drain in a Double Battle can frustrate any trainer.

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