top 5 characters in free fire

Each character of the Free Fire was equally superb, and the selection of the best was not easy work. The list was based upon the ability of the characters in the Free Fire game. so lets discuss about  top 5 characters in free fire

DJ Alok

DJ Alok is the most popular choice and character in the Free Fire. The ability of DJ Alok was at the maximum levels which create an atmosphere which increases the movement speed by 15% and also restores the 5 HP for minimum 10 seconds. This character in Free Fire can be available from the game shop in 599 diamonds.


She was absolutely an incredible option in the game and anyone can purchased the character in 499 diamonds/ 8000 coins. Because of the abilityof the character, PALOMA was a compelling character for those players who prefer to use the Assault Rifles. At her the maximum ability level was 180 AR.

The list was based upon the ability of the characters in the Free Fire game. so lets discuss about  top 5 characters in free fire
 top 5 characters in free fire


The Luqueta was the newest character that was available in the game, after the update of OB23. He is the upcoming star, who was at the level of 8 and ensures that the every kill has increases the maximum HP by 18- 35 points. In the Current situation, he was only be procured by the Character Royale.


Kelly was players which can be move quickly around everywhere in the field. The ability of Kelly, helps the players who use this Kelly character can rotate fast as compared to the others. The cost of Kelly was 199 diamonds or 2000 coins.


Jota was the character that comes for the players who use the SMGs and also the shotguns very frequently. With the each kill the use of the two firearms, the users regain the HP. Jota character can be acquired by 499 diamonds.

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