Top 3 Pokemon that used in the anime of Zoey

In this post we are going to describe the Top 3 Pokemon that used in the anime of Zoey, Zoey, Dawn’s friend and main rival, has several strong members on her team in the Pokemon anime. Although she primarily competes in contests, rather than gym battles, there are several episodes where her Pokemon skills are put on display. You have to give a look at this post.

Top 3 Pokemon that used in the anime of Zoey


The Gallade was a key Pokemon in the final stage of the competition. Gallade, evolved from the previously-mentioned Kirlia, is an impressive Psychic/Fighting-type that can use some magnificent moves in battle. This victory earned her the title of Top Coordinator, as well as the Ribbon Cup. Zoey used her Gallade, alongside Glameow, to defeat Dawn’s Togekiss and Piplup in the final round of the Sinnoh Grand Festival.


It defeated the rival trainer’s Mamoswine and Cyndaquil. While Zoey’s Leafeon made its debut in the episode “Double-Time Battle Training.” where it battled Dawn alongside Kirlia. It was a very close battle, but in the end, Leafeon defeated the rival Pokemon with the help of Zoey’s Mismagius. Leafeon came in handy again for its trainer when it went up against a Kricketune and Lopunny during the semifinals of the Sinnoh Grand Festival.


The Glameow was a key team member responsible for its trainer winning the Jubilife Ribbon and the Ribbon Cup. Glameow, the primary Pokemon used by Zoey throughout the anime, is “Purr-fect” for competing in contests. It has defeated the likes of Ash Ketchum’s Aipom, Jessie’s Carnivine, and many of Dawn’s Pokemon in battle. Zoey’s Glameow has proven itself to be the trainer’s best Pokemon several times. Glameow has also made an excellent side-kick for Zoey in the show and has shown itself to be friendly and useful to its trainer’s friends.

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