Top 3 hardest mobs to kill in Minecraft

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Minecraft is home to various creatures, from tiny and adorable rabbits to terrifying and powerful boss monsters. There are a variety of mobs in Minecraft that can be played by players, but taking down some of these mobs will take far more effort than others. These mobs have hefty amounts of health, and can quickly take down unprepared players with devastating amounts of damage.

Minecraft’s Hardest mobs to kill

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Iron Golems

Iron Golems can be powerful guardians and peacekeepers that will protect both players and villagers in Minecraft. The range of this mob’s power can vary depending on difficulty.

But it can deal a maximum of about 16 hearts worth of damage per hit on hard difficulty. Players who get on their bad side, however, can quickly perish to be being pummeled by their iron fists. Each one of these mobs has 50 total hearts worth of health and can take a ton of punishment before being brought down.

The Wither

This flying boss mob has a ton of health, boasting a health pool of 150 hearts on Java Edition and 300 hearts on Bedrock Edition. The Wither is as powerful as it is terrifying.

And has played plenty of Minecraft players who have attempted to face it in combat over the years. Luckily, Minecraft players can only face this mob when they initially summon it, under normal conditions.

Pigling Brutes

These pig-like creatures have the ability to quickly overwhelm players or even knock them into nearby lava. The Elder Guardian almost won this spot, but Piglin Brutes have won the day. To make things even more challenging, each Piglin Brute has 25 total hearts worth of health.  A fully armed Piglin Brute in Java Edition can deal a maximum of nine and a half hearts worth of damage on hard difficulty.

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