Top #3 Best iPhone 2021: Ranked By Apple

Best iPhone 2021
Best iPhone 2021

iPhone 12 Pro

Sitting at the top of our best iPhone list is the iPhone 12 Pro and while the iPhone 12 is excellent, you’ll want to go for the Pro if you’re after the best of everything Apple currently has to offer. Improvements over the regular 12 include more RAM, a slightly brighter screen, stainless steel sides, an extra camera on the back alongside LIDAR for faster low-light focusing, and 128GB storage as standard. Things like screen resolution, battery life, main camera quality, and design are all very much the same. Best iPhone 2021

iPhone 12

While it’s not the best iPhone when it comes to specs and features, the iPhone 12 is probably the model most people should buy. It’s slightly pricier than the iPhone 11, but it inherits lots of things previously exclusive to the Pro models. These include a new OLED panel with a higher resolution and HDR support (still at 60Hz, though) which makes for some very colorful Netflix streams, a new design reminiscent of the iPhone 5, and an overall lighter, smaller feel. As we said in our review, this might be the perfect iPhone.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max takes all the features of the smaller Pro and adds in a much bigger 6.7-inch display and far improved battery life. If you love big iPhones and want the best features around, the 12 Pro Max is the one for you. Another big difference between this and the other Pro is the camera. Not only do you have a slightly more zoomed-in tele camera, but the main 12MP sensor is far larger and as a result, it’s quicker and more successful in lower-light conditions.

are the top three iPhone which was in tread in current time in all over the world this is the information we get from apple.

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