Top 2 cars under $1 million in GTA Online

As the GTA Online game has become one of the popular games among the players’ community, the players spend a lot of time the game-play and enjoy it a lot. The players, who want to know about the best car which was available in the game-play in the budget in the month of January in 2021, would have to give a look to this article. $1 million in GTA Online

$1 million in GTA Online
$1 million in GTA Online

Massacro (Racecar)

That’s where the Massacro (Racecar) comes in handy. It’s only $385,000, making it the cheapest car on this list. Sometimes, a player only has a small amount of money. In these instances, they have to go far below than $1 million. As expected from a racecar, it is fast and has top-tier acceleration, which is fitting for its design.

Aside from that, the Massacro is excellent for players. As it’s significantly under $1 million, they can opt to buy this car and other items such as safe houses, weapons, or clothing. Aesthetically speaking, the logos are tacky, hurting its long-term appeal. Also, its retail price is higher than average, so they won’t lose too much when the time comes for an upgrade. As far as budget options go, a player cannot be disappointed with this racecar.


The GB200 is one of the most expensive options for a player with less than $1 million to spare. With a good top speed and god-tier handling stats, the GB200 can help any player reach the endgame. The price is $940,000, but its stats justify any purchase of this bad boy. Even once they have loads of cash, this beast is still a good car to ride, albeit not the most fashionable. However, its handling is unmatched, allowing players to avoid any unnecessary damage in GTA Online. It is important to note that this vehicle isn’t the most durable one, so it isn’t too forgiving to use when explosives are flying around.


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