Top 10 Gun In PUBG Mobile?

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PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game of survival where tons of equipment is available but the most useful equipment from all those are guns, some of them are not much better, so it is necessary to know which are the best gun available in PUBG that can be used to deal with any situations.

Here in this article, I will be sharing the list of the top 10 guns available in PUBG Mobile which are best and will help you handle every situation occurring for you and your teammates. You can also suggest to your teammates to pick up which would be the best gun for their protection if they are confused in deciding.

Top 10 Gun In PUBG Mobile?

#1 Groza

Groza belongs to the Assault Rifle group available only in drop. It is #1 on our list because of its highest fire rate and the damage is the same as the AKM. In additional attachments, it accepts scope, magazine, and muzzle slot for a suppressor. In terms of recoil, it shows very low recoil and extra movement. Groza uses 7.62 mm bullets, if any enemy is trying to escape from your way and has this weapon there is no way to escape.

#2 M416

M416 is definitely the best Assault from all those in everything, AWM is also an impressive weapon, but its availability is critical and can be only found in airdrops. M416 is a weapon that can be used for any situation and have multiple attachment slots that make it more stable when the best attachments are assembled.

#3 AWM

Sniping is an expensive skill in BGMI because every shot made by a sniper is precious because they have to take down an opponent at once. There are various weapons in PUBG Mobile, But AWM is the most powerful sniper that you can find only in airdrops. In alternative to it, you can use M24 or Kar98K.

#4 M249 LMG

M249 is the most damaging gun in PUBG that has the potential to finish a whole squad at once without reloading. It can only be found in drops and deals with damage to 45 in a long range. In attachments, it accepts only scope.

#5 AKM

AKM is a widely used weapon in PUBG Mobile, which is easily available on the battlefield. There is no match for its damage in the AR category as it deals with damage to 49, but its recoil is too high. As it supports various attachments, so you easily control its recoil.

#6 M24

M24 is a powerful sniper which has a long-range capacity and can be found in airdrops as well as battlefields. The spawn rate of M24 is rare as it can be used for a shot as well as a long fight. By default, it holds 5 ammo, but with the extended mag, it accepts 7 ammo at a time.

#7 Kar98

Kar98 is another sniper used for long-range combat, it has a mag capacity of 5 ammo, and it can’t be increased. You can use various attachments to improve gun performance and use it effectively. It uses 7.62 mm ammo with a damaged delivery of 75.

#8 Mk47 Mutant

Mk47 Mutant is another highly damaging AR whose functionalities are similar to M16A4. With the proper use of attachments, you can control recoil and improve shots along with damage delivery. By default, its mag capacity is 20, but by adding an extended mag it accepts 30 ammo.

#9 Mk14 EBR

Mk14 EBR is an airdrop weapon that has a long-range capacity, and it is a highly damaging gun amount DMR because of its automatic mode. The bad thing about Mk14 EBR is the recoil and reloading time. But it comes with a bipod, so it can be stabilized when shot in a prone.

#10 Beryl M762

These days, Beryl M762 is getting popular as it comes with an auto mode and is easily available on the battlefield. It accepts a high number of attachments and when all the suitable attachments are equipped it is better than AKM and other ARs.

These are the Top 10 Gun In PUBG Mobile, I have made this list by focusing on their damage, fire rate, and distance. Better guns are at the top of the list, whereas good guns are at below. So you can use them according to your need.

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