Titan TraQ Cardio, Titan TraQ Triathlon and Titan TraQ Lite Smartwatches Launched

Titan has launched three new smartwatches in India under its new fitness gear brand, TraQ. The smartwatches can track fitness and workout activities such as running, cycling, swimming, and more. You can connect Titan TraQ Cardio or Titan TraQ Triathlon to any ANT-enabled device from heart rate straps to foot pods to measure parameters such as cycling power, cycling cadence, heart rate, and stride-based steps, as per the company. Titan Smartwatches Launched

Titan Smartwatches Launched

Both the smartwatches pack a 290mAh battery that can last up to seven days on standard mode. The smartwatches have a transflective display that offers clean visibility even in bright outdoors.

The TraQ app can also be downloaded to explore more functions. While Titan TraQ Cardio and Titan TraQ Triathlon offer regular smartwatch functions.

Like message alerts, weather updates, alarm stopwatch, music control, and more.

The Titan TraQ Lite features & price

Titan TraQ Lite is an entry-level activity-tracking watch from the brand. Titan TraQ Lite can record up to 25 workout sessions for users to refer to. It is priced at Rs. 3,999 in India and is offered in Green, Orange, Red, and Yellow color variants. The Titan Smartwatches Launched comes with a chest strap that allows users to measure heart rates during workout-based training.

Titan TraQ Cardio, Titan TraQ Triathlon price & features

Titan TraQ Cardio and Titan TraQ Triathlon have onboard GPS, using technology from MediaTek. As well as the GPS can function independently from the smartwatch and does not need a smartphone to be used. While the wearable’s have heart-rate monitoring features as well. Titan TraQ Cardio and lastly the Titan TraQ Triathlon come with up to 5ATM water resistance.

And are mud- and impact-resistant as well, according to the company. TraQ Triathlon is priced at Rs. 17,999 in India and is offered in Blue, Green, and Red color options. Titan TraQ Cardio is priced at Rs. 16,999 in India. It is offered in green, orange, and yellow color variants.

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