5 Tips To Finish Squads In Battlegrounds Mobile India

In this article, we will know how to eliminate a squad in BGMI. All the tips and tricks shared in this article are best and proven by us. You can try these tips to achieve maximum finishes in almost every match with chicken dinner.

I personally use these techniques and I’m hoping that this would be useful for you too. But before moving forward let me warn you that you have to practice because without practice no tips are going to work for you.

Best Tips To Finish Squads In Battlegrounds Mobile India

#1 Improve Your Skills

Improving your skills is the best way to finish the complete squad, and to improve you have to practice hard and play regularly. A tip for you if you want chicken dinner. Keep an eye on enemies from a long distance so that they can’t spot you. For this spinners would be the best weapon for you. But there are a few players who prefer rushing instead of playing safe so you can use Granade with you as it will reduce their health.

#2 Separate Enemies

If you have decided to wipe out a squad don’t forget to separate enemies from each other. Because if the squad has good teamwork you won’t be able to defeat them. For this, you can shoot them from different directions or use grenades to reduce their health power.

#3 Weapon Selection

This is the most important step and this would be very much useful for you. Most players get confused that which weapon they should choose. There are a few popular guns such as ScarL, M416, AKM, DP-28, Kar98, AWM, etc. These are some of the most demanding and powerful weapons of BGMI. Try to get their attachments too so that they don’t produce recoil.

A tip, don’t keep the magazine empty if there isn’t any enemy so that if any enemy comes to us suddenly we must be ready to combat with them in full energy.

#4 Don’t Finish Bots

Bots don’t act like a real players and there is some greedy player in every squad. So instead of finishing the bot, you can bring the bot close to the enemy squad so that one of the enemies comes out and try to get a finish and in that time you finish the enemy squad or a real player.

#5 Use Smoke

Smokes are the best way to confuse opponents. If you are using smoke they might think that at this location someone is there or reviving the teammate. In this situation, there is a chance that one of the opponents may come out and try to get a finish and from another side you hit them.

These are some of the best and proven tips and tricks that you can use in BGMI as well as PUBG Mobile. Because both these games are similar and you can make the best use of these tricks. You can discover even more techniques depending upon your skills but these are some of the best and I follow them personally.

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