Tier list of Controller Agents: Valorant

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If you guys are a player of Valorant, then I’m sure this post has gone be good for you. There are basically three Controller agents are available in the game of Valorant. And all three of them are having different and unique skills. The three tiers will help the Agents to rank by its utilization, the tiers will not be the typical lettered tiers, but a low, mid, and high-tier list. In Valorant, a Controller Agent is meant to literally control the map. The job of the three tiers was to manipulate the opponents on the battlefield with the help of the smokes and mollies. Tier list of Controller

Tier list of Controller
Tier list of Controller

Tier list of Controller Agents in Valorant

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Low tier – Viper

Viper was an underused Agent in the game of Valorant, there were many players who feel that she was the most suited person to the Sentinel category rather than be labeled as a Controller. Her abilities consist of Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, Snake Bite, and Viper’s Pit. Overall, Viper’s Pit was the most ultimate that covers a large area of the map with the help of her poison.

Mid-tier – Brimstone

This Brimstone was a fine Valorant Agent in the game-play; he is the best one for those players who are beginners to learn the game-play. The Brimstone has the ability to take control of a site and also setting up his teammates for the piece of success cake. He utilizes Sky Smoke, Incendiary, Stim Beacon, and Orbital Strike. In the end, it was a good option in the game of Valorant.

High tier – Omen

This is a must-have in any team, as the Omen has not able to any damage-dealing.

But his ability was to act as a controller which was really unmatched in the game-play. He can also be used outside of that role to take fights, much like a Duelist. Dark Cover is the best smoke ability in Valorant. Tier list of Controller

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