The top Streamers who ruined their career in just a few seconds

Streaming can be an arduous task to carry out. Streamers need to be very careful regarding what they say and how they say things in public because it can have a long-lasting effect. Since their entire careers are based on their relationship with fans, streamers need to be cautious of saying anything that would demean their fanbase in any way. The massive audience base comes with a lot of responsibility. Streamers who ruined their career

Streamers who ruined their career

Nicole “BadBunny”

She once complained that she’s not receiving enough money from her subscribers. Badbunny is probably one of the greediest streamers in the market today. She usually streams in the Just Chatting segment on Twitch. Not everyone has the financial conditions for disposable income. She went on to make them feel guilty about not spending $5 a month for her. Continuously asking for money doesn’t really look good.

Jarvis “FaZe Jarvis” Khattri

He was a pretty good Fortnite player. Jarvis used to be a part of the FaZe clan. He once decided to use an aimbot and uploaded a video on the internet. He did send out a heartfelt apology, but it was all in vain. Epic Games found out about it and proceeded to ban him from the game permanently.

 Angel “ZilianOP” Hamilton

Although this incident dates back to 2013, it was pretty problematic. That’s the story he ran with, at least. The streamer in question, ZillionOP, was apparently confined to a wheelchair. While he did try to explain his situation, his career was as good as over. However, in the video, ZillianOP got up from the wheelchair and walked away.

Michael “mmDust” Duarte

mmDust is a small-scale Resident Evil speedrunner. In 2018, at a Twitch Con panel, mmDust said a few things that would go on to hamper his streaming career. He also spoke about his superiority, which didn’t really sit well with the crowd.

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