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The things needs to add in future updates for Minecraft

As the players of Minecraft know very well that each of the update in the game update has brings so many amazing and new mobs, blocks and enjoyment for the players. As there was many updates and plug-ins which was made by the Minecraft community to support the players wishes and enjoyments. future updates for Minecraft

future updates for Minecraft
future updates for Minecraft

Minecraft creators always find ways to implement aspects into the game that make every world that much more immersive.

And players never get bored. There were a lot of these mods and modpacks have an almost cult-like following. With Minecraft update 1.17 coming out in the summer of 2021, future updates and what the community wants incorporated into the game is a hot topic.


Seasons are another wanted addition to Minecraft with a lot of backing from the community. Color-changing leaves and grass over time, snow falling, and different worlds’ sun-rise and sun-set times are elements that could be added to this highly supported game. Since the game came out back in 2009, players have grown bored of the basic biomes found across their worlds. Instead of asking for more biomes, they want more variation in the biomes that already exist.

Ambient animals

There is always more room for animals in Minecraft. Although a few new mobs get added with each Minecraft update.

Some mobs that the community really wants to see added are smaller and less significant than the usual bigger mobs added in updates. Beloved for their cuteness despite being blocky, each animal has been loved since the model’s addition in-game.

More weather options

At the moment, the only available modes for weather are ‘clear,’ ‘rain,’ and ‘thunder.’ Depending on the biome.

The rain may become snow, but other than that, there is no variation. Something that a lot of players want to implement into Minecraft is more variation when it comes to weather.



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