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The most popular regions of all time in Pokemon

It’s quite interesting to see Pokemon regions and how the NPCs and Pokemon affect them. The climate and areas have native Pokemon, and it’s truly an amazing scene for an RPG. Here is the list of The most popular regions of all time in Pokemon.

popular regions of all time in Pokemon


The Hoenn region is filled with interesting and mysterious places to explore. This region is covered in interesting places for the player to explore. From the mysterious Mirage Island that players can only find if they have a certain Pokemon on a certain day.

To the legendary Faraway Island where the player can find Mew during an event. Fighting Deoxys with Mega Rayquaza is truly an experience every Pokemon fan should experience. The player can even go to space in the remakes’ post-game during the Delta series.


Johto is filled to the brim with beautiful scenery and great Pokemon. The beautiful neighbor of the original Kanto Region, Johto, is one of the most popular regions. Like the Bug Catching Contests, the Johto region has so much to do.

Like chasing Suicune and even finding shiny Gyarados. Of course, after completing the main story in the Generation II games.

The player can access the Kanto Region, but we’ll talk about that later. This region is filled with historical sites and backstory, like the Burnt Tower in Ecruteak City that may have been the legendary bird Ho-Oh’s birthplace.

And the Ruins of Alph that house the peculiar Pokémon Unmown.


The first region Pokemon fans could explore, Kanto. Kanto is undoubtedly the most popular Region, even though some fans may think it’s overrated. The Kanto has the most remakes in the series. Kanto is just as lovable as in 1996 when players first explored it. Kanto is impossible to forget, especially since players can visit it in Generation II games as post games.

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