The best moveset in Pokemon GO for Tornadus

Tornadus recently made a return to Pokemon GO through raids and a new batch of players was able to catch the Legendary. In this post, we are going to tell you about, The best moveset in Pokemon GO for Tornadus.

The best moveset in Pokemon GO for Tornadus

The pure Flying-type genie has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to building a good moveset. It’s still a fairly powerful Flying-type Legendary. With the Ultra League still in full swing for Pokemon GO battles.

It’s also a great time to make use of the Legendary Pokemon. Like Thundurus, Tornadus is set to receive a Therian Forme in Pokemon GO soon. When that happens, it will likely be better than the standard Incarnate Form of Tornadus.

But that doesn’t mean Tornadus is useless. Moveset in Pokemon GO is always split into defensive and offensive categories. After the Ultra League rotates out, the Master League is next.

And a high CP Tornadus will have yet another chance to shine. But to make the most use of the Flying-type, players need an effective moveset. Defensive movesets are meant for holding gyms when players face a PvE version of the given Pokemon. Depending on the Pokemon, some move sets will be the best for both offense and defense. Offense always serves as the best default moveset and the most effective base for the Pokemon GO battle league. Tornadus is one of those Pokemon, and a cover-all moveset should work just fine on the Flying-type.

Unlike the fast attack, the Dark-type move will be beneficial here.

And serve as a great counter to popular picks in both the Ultra League and Master League Pokemon GO battles. In terms of pure damage and energy per second gained, Air Slash wins on both fronts.

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