The best alternative to Pokémon game-play

If you guys love the game-play of Pokémon, then you should have to also know about the best alternative game-play of Pokémon. alternative to Pokémon

alternative to Pokémon
alternative to Pokémon

Digimon World: Next Order

Digimon World: Next Order is a great option for anyone who loved raising their Pokemon, as it puts more of emphasis on raising and training Digimon than other entries in the series. Players have been making comparisons between Pokemon and Digimon.

For as long as they’ve both been around, so you really can’t go wrong with any Digimon title. Set in an open-world, you are limited to just two Digimon who you evolve and train. Next Order essentially builds on the Digital Monster, which was the Tamagotchi-like digital pet that spawned the Digimon franchise.

You’re sure to enjoy working on increasing your bond with your companions by feeding and praising your Digimon pals and giving them various gifts. Instead of a turn-based battle system, Next Order changes it up from other entries with real-time fighting. 

Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy! 

The latest in the Mystery Dungeon series, you play as a Chocobo and his pal Cid who are treasure hunters journeying.

Through dungeons in order to help the town of Longtime. As the lovable Final Fantasy bird and his buddy.

You have to recover their memories and restore what was once lost. Each person’s memory is locked in different dungeons which are randomly generated.

So you never know what traps or challenges await you.  As you traverse through the dungeons you’ll encounter various monsters who you can befriend using the buddy system. The monsters will then fight with you in the dungeons and help ease your way through some tough battles. The dungeons and battles aren’t too dissimilar to those you find in Pokemon RPGs. Pokemon has already popped up in this long-running series.

With the latest version being Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS back in 2016.



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