Faug Game TDM Mode Map Early Access Download Link

After a very long time the great India game FAUG is here with a new surprise that is TDM Mode In FAUG. In TDM multiplayer mode multiple people can play the game at a time for a limited time and the winners will be announced on highest kill ratio.

This is similar to the TDM Mode like other popular games such as PUBG & BGMI.

Here the players will get a brand new maps weapons and much more. To make the game more interesting nCore games have confirmed that more updates will be added to the game to bring more engagement in the game.

The map of the game has been built on Indian theme where the building and monuments used are of old Indian style and they are also promoting awarenes to wear mask and sanitize hands.

To test this mode it has been launched in early Acces with limited slots so you can play it in early access. It has limited slots so there is a fewer chance that every player will be able to get this test.

That’s all about the FAUG TDM mode, now grab your early Acces slot and enjoy the game, and don’t forget to share it with so that they could also grab their slots.

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