Tactical Drill Event: How To Get Permanent Outfit & AKM Skin For Free In PUBG

Get Permanent Outfit & AKM Skin: If you also want Permanent Outfit & AKM Skin in PUBG for free then I have good news. A new event is here “Tactical Drill” where they have brought three things which if you are grabbing it will be with you permanently in your account.

But most of the players does some mistakes due to which all their effort goes in vain. That’s why I will also be sharing what mistake you must avoid in order to claim it. Tactical Drill event is from 09/06/2021 to 08/07/2021 so whatever you have to do is within the event period.

In this event, three things are available to grab those are Night Warrior Set, Night Warrior Headgear, Bright Yellow – AKM. All these three are permanent. You can choose anything you like to grab but at once only one item can be availed. Suppose if you want to have a look at the outfit or gun how it will look like then there is a preview button by which one can see the complete picture of it.

Event Rules

  1. Activate an item to get it immediately. Only one item may be activated at any given time.
  2. After activation, complete missions to earn Tactical Points. 4 daily missions are reset at 00:00 UTC daily, and 1 weekly mission is reset weekly.
  3. Each item starts with 9 Tactical Paints, 3 of which are deducted each day for not logging into the game. Item will be revoked when Tactical Point is at 0.
  4. A permanent item will be given after reaching maximum Tactical Points.
    5: At the end of the event, Tactical Points will be converted to time-limited items. More points will result in langer duration
  5. An activated item can be discarded after 72 hours, Tactical Points will be set to and must be accumulated again if the item is reactivated.

How To Get Outfit & AKM Skin For Permanent In Tactical Drill Event?

Step 1: Log in to the game
Step 2: Click on the Tactical Drill Event (Available at 3rd Position)
Step 3: Tap on the material you want to grab > Click Activate > Ok (You cannot activate another item for 72 hours after activating any one material)
Step 4: Complete the Tactical Drill Missions & collect 90 points in 4 days (You will get 9 points for free after picking any item)
Step 5: Once all the missions are completed item will be added to your account for permanent
That’s all

Missions & Rewards

The mentioned missions will refreshes at 05:30 everyday, so always keep an eye on it.

MissionPointsTotal Task
Complete 1 match in Arena Mode11
Rescue teammates 3 times in Classic Mode22
Travel 5,000 meters while operating a vehicle25000
Finish in the Top 5 Once in Classic Mode31
Spend a total of 30 UC330
Spend a total of 400 minutes in the game this week6400

Note: After activation of any item 3 tactical points will be deducted if the player does not log in on that day. Item will be revoked if all points have been deducted. Currently, I have 9 points and if I’m not logging in tomorrow 3 points will be deducted, and again if I’m no logging day after tomorrow 3 more points will be deducted. This is how points will decrease and you won’t be able to get that item once again.

If you instantly want these points then you can also purchase points with UC, where 1 point costs 10 UC. So this is how you can easily get it in no time.

This is how one can get permanent skin of AKM and the other 2 items absolutely free in the tactical event. If you have any query make sure to drop them in the comments below and share them with every PUBG lover so that they could also grab them.

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