Survival Mods in GTA Online

 There are many players who want to know things about the game-play. One of the many reasons why the game has been so popular with PC fans is the excellent modding community. GTA modders, for the longest time, have kept the game alive by introducing brilliant modes of all genres and types to keep things interesting. Mods in GTA Online

 Mods in GTA Online
Mods in GTA Online

GTA 5 feels significantly different with the use of these modes and gives players an incentive to dive back into the game and explore it in a completely different way.

Simple Zombies

This is, by far, the most significant change that players can make to GTA 5’s experience as it not only adds zombies but plenty of other survival elements as well. Players must tend to their camp and its needs to make sure they are well-stocked to survive the undead apocalypse.

The mod is extremely well-designed and contains a ton of gameplay elements that pretty much change the entire game experience.


The GTA franchise has been borrowing elements from the RPG genre for a very long time, and this mod goes a step further and makes Grand Theft Auto 5 a proper RPG, with fantastic results.

Basic Needs ModPack

This mod makes the game feel significantly more like an RPG, with the player having to take care of every need of the character, such as sleep, food, water, etc.

This also adds functioning in-game restaurants that players can get food from as well as an Inventory akin to the one seen in GTA Online.

This not only makes the game a little more challenging than before, but it also helps with the immersion as players must take care of the needs of the character as well as cause mayhem and destruction in Los Santos.


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