Submachine guns in Free Fire

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so hello friends here in this article were are going to discuss the free fire top submachine guns yes friends you all are listening truly here in this article we are going to tell you some op overpower submachine guns friends so what are you you you waiting for let’s start. Submachine guns in Free Fire

Submachine guns in Free Fire
Submachine guns in Free Fire


The CG15 is absolutely powerful in close as well as mid-range assaults. It has a damage rate of 50 with an insane range of 71 and an accuracy of 60. The weapon also has great mobility and a movement speed of 63.

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It is a complete package and the most balanced submachine gun available in the SMG class of Free Fire. However, the only drawback of this weapon is that it can hold only 20 rounds of bullets in one magazine.


The MP5 comes close to the CG15 with its damage rate of 48. It is a great weapon with a maximum magazine capacity of 48 and great mobility of 66. The accuracy of the weapon is 54, which is pretty good for close-range guns. This SMG also has an impressive rate of fire of 76.

However, despite having the maximum stability of all other SMGs in the game, this gun loses its effectiveness over long-distance gunfights.


The MP40 is a close-range beast with a maximum fire rate of 83 and the damage rate and fire range of 48 and 22, respectively. It is quite evident that the MP40 is not so effective in mid-range combats but is very stable and powerful in close range fights. The weapon also has a great mobility of 63 and an initial magazine capacity of 20.

However, the magazine capacity can be increased by attaching extended magazines to the gun, but no other attachments are allowed to be equipped to the weapon in Free Fire.

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