Streamers who injured themselves live

Although streaming on Twitch there are many streamers who done a safe job, but there are many other streamers who are also available who hurt themselves in the streaming; some streamers manage to get up to shenanigans and hurt themselves. While dexterity may not be a streamer’s strong suit, their pain has garnered infamy as their clips continue to be circulated by fans. If you like to know about those streamers who hurt themselves in the streaming, then you would have to give a look at this post. Streamers who injured themselves live

Streamers who injured themselves live


The banned CS: GO gambling site owner attempted to launch a confetti streamer in the air.

But didn’t know it was pointed the wrong way. Controversial ex-streamer phantoml0rd hurt him while trying to celebrate hitting his 10k subscriber goal. What ensued was a loud noise, pain and the streamer exclaiming “Oh, it’s the other way around! Oh, my leg!”


No one can reasonably mess up while making Ramen noodles. While asking the chat about which bowl to pour the noodles, he knocked the boiling hot vessel of Ramen off balance and got boiling water all over his hands. But that doesn’t apply to magicalcube.


Placing the pot of water on the wrong gas burner.

nanonoko left a running flame that heated the vessel’s handle instead of the water. Popular poker player nanonoko burned his hand while cooking and streaming a game of poker. What adds to the scene is that nanonoko seems to be completely clueless about how he got burned. When chat informed him that the water was boiling, the streamer grabbed the handle and got burned.


As she got up close to it, the cat didn’t seem to want anything to do with her, scratching her right under the eye and drawing blood. The most tragic of the bunch, Sara Kate, was hurt on stream while nuzzling her cat.

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