Soul’s Manager “Sid Joshi” views on the stream sniping  allegations 

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During an Erangle match in the Upthrust Esports Challengers Showdown, Soul Goblin, a renowned esports athlete from Team Soul was eliminated prematurely than his teammates, which appeared to be a normal thing, until when it was found out that Goblin was live-streaming his POV ( Point of View ) and he instantly switched back to the official Upthrust Stream after dying, leaving many viewers to doubt whether Team Soul was stream sniping. 


What is stream sniping :

Stream sniping is the act of using someone’s live stream against them. 

Soul Goblin’s response to these assertions :

In a recent live stream of Goblin, he stated that he did not have any intentions of stream sniping, he also addressed the issue that he changed his stream because he wanted to conceal his teammate’s locations. Adding to it, he said that stream snipping would not be possible because there was a major delay in the official stream. 

Sid Joshi’s views on these claims :

Endorsing Goblin’s justifications, Sid Joshi strongly claimed that there was a 5-minute delay in the official stream and Goblin was streaming with no delay, so the probability of stream sniping was close to zero. He also gave a few alternatives to avoid such missteps, like adding a face cam to his stream instead of only normal streaming and streaming with a delay. He also mentioned that “if stream sniping was so easy, all teams would do it as the tournament was hosted online. Well, the fact that only Team Soul was alleged and not all the teams, it is sad to put your mistakes in comparison with other teams.

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